About iPads and Me

This grandma has an iPad. Actually, she has two. She's still learning about them. Why two? Well, first I got the iPad Air 64GB and quickly realized it was too small, so I got another one. This time I got the iPad Pro 1TB. It's not only large enough, but way more tablet than I need or know how to operate.

Helping Boomers

As a Baby Boomer, I've got decades of Windows experience, so the iPads are new to me. They present a bunch of challenges so I write about them here as I figure things out. Hopefully, my ramblings here will help my fellow Boomers. I hope it helps Non-Boomers also, but we Baby Boomers get a bad rap when it comes to grasping new technology so I especially want to help my compadres.

MeAbout the Author: Felicia, also known as Low-Tech Grandma, is a wife, mother, and grandmother who now owns a few iOS devices and likes to write about them.

Last Modified: 9 October 2022

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