My Favorite iOS Apps

What's an iPad without a few great apps?

struggleHere I write about the apps that have helped me along my Windows to iPad transition. The older articles are mainly about me attempting to duplicate the Windows environment on an iPad. No, it's not the same, but at least I can now move forward and perform the tasks I've been wanting to in a much speedier fashion. Those initial months of transition were rough!

Going forward, things will be much easier (and hopefully more interesting).

10/14/22Textastic for HTML Coding on an iPad
2/17/2022Mozilla’s Firefox Focus - No Ad Browser
2/3/2022Noteshelf - Transitioning to Paperless
1/27/2022Learning A Language with Duolingo
8/20/21iMovie: I Love it...But
7/12/21Dictate App for Dictating and Transcribing
7/7/2021Apps for Resizing Images on the iPad
2/11/2021Day One - Journaling on an iPad

Last Modified: 14 October 2022

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