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It is what it is.What would a site about my iPad journey be without me sharing the story of how I entered into the world of Apple? Below are a few of my Apple stories. Don't' worry, things will get better once I get this site up and running. For now...this is all I've got.

5/7/23Printing on the Go with Munbyn Portable Thermal Printer
4/11/23Why I Bought the MACALLY Numeric Keypad
4/9/23Clamp-On Monitor/iPad Stands for Small Desks
2/24/23Apple Watch Protective Cases
1/23/23iPad - External Monitor Support Quirks
10/7/22How to get the Perfect Apple Pen Writing Resistance
2/10/22Logitech Combo Touch vs Magic Keyboard
1/25/22Typing Speed - Let's Improve It!
1/20/22How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts on iOS and Android Devices
1/13/22PC to iPad: A Year in Review
1/6/22Is Paperlike Really Worth It?
12/10/21How to Access Your PlayStation Console Remotely
11/24/22Logitech K780 Keyboard: Let's Talk About It
11/23/21Transitioning from PC to Apple (Part 3)
8/23/21Transitioning from PC to Apple (Part 2)
7/17/21Transitioning from PC to Apple (Part 1)
6/28/21Mobile Devices: Stands, Sticks, Holders and Mounts
5/21/21Turn Your Old Phone into a Mobile Hotspot
12/18/20My First iPad
9/23/20My Review of the iClever Mini Keyboard
9/11/20My Review of the Samsers Mini Keyboard

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