Guess Who Bought an iPhone

Published March 1, 2016

Well, I went and did it. I jumped into the deep end of the pool. I decided to get an iPhone, so I ended up with the iPhone 6s Plus. This is my first experience in Appleland. Well, not really. Some time ago I had an iPod Nano that I liked very much until the on/off button stopped working (apparently it’s a common problem for that model of Nano). My local computer guy told me it wasn’t worth fixing so I decided the Nano was my first and last visit into Appleland. I dusted off my old iRiver mp3 player and started using that instead.

Apple Tree

Venturing into the Land of Apples

Fast-forward a couple of years with a few life changes. My venture into Appleland this time was a matter of being practical. The iPhone appeared to be the answer to a long-distance situation. You see, my daughter (and her iPhone) recently moved out of the country. This move created a need for us to communicate as inexpensively and seamlessly as possible.

In the old days, email would have worked just fine, but again…those were the good ole days (I guess no one writes letters anymore). Texting, my second option, wasn’t cost effective because of the per text charges we would incur.

SnapchatWith bated breath, my daughter introduced me to the Snapchat app. After taking some time to wrap my brain around how it worked, Snapchat seemed to be a solution. For you older folks not familiar with Snapchat, it’s a free app (works both on androids and iPhones) that allows for video/photo and text communication between parties. The fact that we could communicate daily for free was a positive feature, but each Snapchat video is limited to 10 seconds. That meant I either had to get it all said in 10 seconds or string several Snapchats along until my conversation was done.

The Switch from Android to iOS

My old Moto G with its 8GB of space was beginning to choke under the Snapchat’s memory usage. I deleted photos and unnecessary apps from the phone, but I kept running into Snapchat problems. The daily communications with my daughter were becoming a chore because the tool I was using wasn’t fitting the bill. I realized it was time to step things up. My old Moto G served me well, but I was outgrowing it.

My daughter recommended that I get an iPhone. She then explained how we could FaceTime and text iPhone to iPhone without incurring additional charges. Once I understood the concept, I thought it was a worthwhile investment so I upgraded to the iPhone.

iPhone 6s Plus

Why did I get the 64 GB iPhone 6s Plus? I wanted to get the largest iPhone I could find that would still fit in my purse. I wasn’t so much concerned about storage space, but I knew I needed a phone that had more space than my 8GB Moto G. What I really wanted was a phone with a lot of screen real estate. I am a grandma. I wear reading glasses. On those occasions when I’ve misplaced my reading glasses, I wanted a screen large enough to allow me to decipher the fuzzy text on the screen. The iPhone 6s Plus fits the bill.

Since purchasing the iPhone I’ve been introduced to a whole new world of wonder and confusion. I am quickly discovering, however, that Apples are a whole different breed of phone in comparison to Androids. It’s taking me a while to get used to the difference, but I believe it’s well worth the conversion. Over the coming weeks, I’ll share my wondrous and confusing transition into Appleland.

So far I only have one beef with the iPhone 6. Can’t they package the phone in such a way that you don’t destroy it taking it out of the box? Fortunately, I opened my phone at the kitchen table so when it slipped from the box, it didn’t have far to go, but the poor kid in the video below wasn’t so fortunate:

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