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LostThese issues and solutions are personal. What I mean is, these are issues that I've come across in my transition from PC to iOS. To an experienced user, these "issues" might be called novice ignorance, but to me they are issues. As such, I had to spend time and effort in finding out how to either solve them or work around them.

The "Issues" on this list might prove just how much of a novice I am. Oh well, we all have to start somewhere. 😉

DateIssue & Solution
11/4/22How to Prevent Pages SpellCheck from Underlining all Words
10/4/22How to Crop Images on an iPad
10/2/22How to Change iPad's Mouse Pointer Color
9/22/22iOS Dictation: No More 30-Second Timeout
11/22/21iPad: Corrupt Media Files Solution Workaround
10/30/21Corrupt Files using iPad and External Hard Drive: SOLVED Not Solved!

Last Modified: 4 November 2022

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